Our facility management services

Our scale and expertise allows us to provide proactive, rather than reactive maintenance strategies that ensure the proper and efficient operation of all aspects of the buildings and facilities we manage, including enhancing environmental safety, comfort and amenity for facility users.

Through our associated companies, we deliver complete service integration with one management team. This provides our clients with the convenience of dealing with just one company, rather than multiple contractors.

We provide facility management services at all stages of the building life-cycle


    • Planning stage building design assessment to determine impacts on future operations and maintenance
    • Identify needs and risks

    • Facilitate building handover
    • Defects liability and reporting
    • Selection and appointment of contractors and building staff
    • Development of onsite asset knowledge and records

    • Relationship management
    • Contract management and performance monitoring
    • Legislative and essential services compliance
    • Concierge, mail, security and other ‘soft’ services
    • Waste management
    • Risk management, including access and egress control

    • Organisation of common area maintenance, including programmed preventative maintenance and urgent repairs
    • Maintenance planning
    • Identification of opportunities to reduce operational impacts and asset life-cycle costs
    • Maintenance plan (sinking fund)

    • Development of capital project business case
    • Selection and management of special consultants
    • Project management of large capital or maintenance projects

Our facilities management services in Melbourne
are supported by three associated companies:

24:seven Maintenance Solutions’ highly qualified and trained technicians specialise in property repairs, maintenance and programmed servicing, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, the company provides expert building management services for residential apartments, commercial buildings and mixed-use properties across Melbourne.

Essential Services Compliance Pty Ltd is a leading auditing specialist in the areas of Essential Safety Measures reporting and fire safety compliance.

Building Management Systems Australia provides cost effective virtual concierge services, building and facility management software, building touch screen kiosks and a range of scalable security and remote access features.

Our experienced building managers deliver a range of quality services you can rely on. We understand that all buildings are different and tailor the service to meet your specific requirements. Our on-site attendance can range from 24 hours a day to scheduled site checks.

From a facilities management perspective, concierge services offer significant benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency in reporting and tracking maintenance requests
  • Onsite co-ordination of facility bookings and building maintenance
  • A centralised point for building information and communications
  • A centralised repository of building documentation and information
  • Co-ordination of deliveries, building security and move in / outs

To provide a cost effective solution for our clients, we have developed a Visual Building Concierge Manager system, which includes building and facilities management software, touch screen kiosks and a range of security and remote access features. The outcome has been a comprehensive and scalable solution that is suitable for residential, commercial, retail, industrial and mixed use developments of any size.

All buildings are required by law to meet safety standards and to gain annual Essential Safety Measures certification. Our facilities managers and tradespeople can complete the required safety measures checks and maintenance to ensure buildings are compliant with regulations. Australian Facilities Management works with its affiliated partner company, Essential Services Compliance, to ensure buildings meet legislative requirements and achieve Annual Essential Safety Measures certification.

Energy efficient management practices have the potential to result in cost savings for building owners. Our facility management services have a focus on ensuring the environmental impacts associated with building operations are minimised and cost savings and social benefits, such as amenity and liveability, are maximised.

Our sustainable operation and management practices encompass the following:

  • Energy and water audits
  • Energy and water management and efficiency
  • Waste minimisation and management
  • Lighting in common areas including lobbies, stairs and hallways
  • Air conditioning (heating and cooling)
  • Efficiency of lift motors
  • Water pump efficiency and costs
  • Scheduled maintenance of equipment to ensure it operates correctly and is only on when needed
  • Optimal calibration of controls, such as thermostats and sensors

We can assist building owners in a variety of ways, from supplying individual trades such as electrical and plumbing, to complete integrated building and facility management. We work with our clients to tailor a package that meets their needs and keeps their building clean and well maintained. Our maintenance services include:

  • Maintenance planning
  • Cleaning and general maintenance
  • Gardening and grounds maintenance
  • Asset life-cycle management, including mechanical services, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems
  • Identification of opportunities to reduce operational impacts and asset life-cycle costs

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